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Fiber for DogsThroughout your dog’s life, there may come a time when they aren’t regular.

You know…all those things we don’t want to talk about…diarrhea, constipation, and the dreaded anal gland issues.

When these conditions arise you’re often taken off guard. So what’s a dog lover to do?

Keep Fiber for Dogs on hand for whenever your dog needs relief!

Fiber for Dogs encourages natural elimination and healthy digestion in an easy to use, convenient, portable, safe and natural powder free of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and colors and made exclusively in the USA.

It’s always ready…
It’s always convenient…
It’s always vet recommended…
It’s always natural, made in the US, and free from chemicals…

And, it’s easy to use and works great! Open the jar, measure out the correct amount of powder, add to your dog’s food, and let Fiber for Dogs work its magic.

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The Benefits of Fiber for Dogs!

How does it help?

Why Fiber for Dogs? Fiber for Dogs helps in addressing your dog’s diarrhea, constipation, anal issues, and may even be helpful in addressing chronic irritable bowel syndrome, providing additional fiber to your dog's diet for occasional and recurring intestinal issues.

Easy to use.

Whether you’re on the go or enjoying time at home, Fiber for Dogs is ready when your dog needs it! Simply sprinkle on your dog’s food to encourage natural elimination and healthy digestion. No refrigeration, no running to the store, just keep it on your shelf and it’s ready when you need!

Safe and natural.

Fiber for Dogs is very safe and natural. With no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, and is 100% made in the USA and stored in a BPA free container, you can be assured you’re providing your dog with the healthiest way to natural elimination.

Vet recommended.

Veterinarians the world over routinely recommend psyllium, the main ingredient in Fiber for Dogs, for use to help dogs with natural elimination. In addition, Beet Root Powder helps improve digestion and nutrient absorbsion while enhancing intestinal flora, providing an effective, quick acting, simple and safe solution.

Learn how Fiber for Dogs has helped these pups.

Perfect puppy poo!

"I have a Schnauzer puppy, Reece, who has a sensitive stomach. I tried several types of food and he still had loose stools. I purchased this product and I give it to Reece mixed with a little pumpkin and now his stools have been firm. So happy!" ~ Hovi Hatter


Just one use!

"My dog was in desperate need to something to help regulate her bowel movements. I then found Fiber for Dogs and saw the difference after just one use. I have used Fiber for Dogs for a few months now and it has worked excellent in regulating her stool. Makes me happy that she is so much more comfortable." ~ Emily Maguire

Loose stool no more!

'I have two English Springer Spaniels - Archimedes and Sofi. We give them a teaspoon with their meals when they have loose stools or constipation and it works great. I am really impressed with how Fiber for Dogs works and the dogs seem to like it. All in all a novel idea and excellent product.' ~ John Lewis

Helps with the bottom!

"Fergie, my 10 year old beagle, has been a foster of mine for about 7 months. She has a variety of issues, one of which is anal gland problems. With Fiber for Dogs I am noticing she has stopped dragging her bottom on the ground and is no longer biting, licking or chewing on her bottom." ~ Dolores Ellis

What our customers are saying.
I have three Weimaraner’s, the female having some definite anal glad issues. Fiber for Dogs has made a huge difference for her.
Laura K.
This product is great for two reasons - it firms my dog’s stools as promised AND my dog seems to really like the taste. He licks the bowl when some of this is stuck to the bottom.
Amazon Customer
I like to have an over-the-counter product on hand so I can immediately have it available to help any of our rescue dogs coming in that are stressed or have loose stools due to a change of environment and/or diet. Bern Dog Fiber fits the bill as it is easy to use, not full of artificial flavors or sugar, and can be sprinkled on their food.
Sue Baldwin
I have been a Registered Nurse since 1978 and since 1985 I have worked in the field of GI. Very often, the gastroenterologists will tell patients to use fiber supplements for symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The logical conclusion would be that the same would apply to canines with symptoms of the same.
Dolores Ellis

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